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Exam Listing

.ACSR4Agency E & O
.AAI87Agency Leadership & Strat. Align.
.AAI83Agency Ops & Sales Mgmt (Full Exam)
.AAI83AAgency Ops & Sales Mgmt (Seg. A)
.AAI83BAgency Ops & Sales Mgmt (Seg. B)
.AAI83CAgency Ops & Sales Mgmt (Seg. C)
.AIC39Auto Claim Practices (Full Exam)
.AIC39AAuto Claim Practices (Seg. A)
.AIC39BAuto Claim Practices (Seg. B)
.AIC39CAuto Claim Practices (Seg. C)
.AIDA181Big Data Analytics for Risk & Ins.
.CPCU530Business Law for Ins. Professionals
.SPPA30Claim Princ & Prac for Public Adjs (Full Exam)
.SPPA30AClaim Princ & Prac for Public Adjs (Seg. A)
.SPPA30BClaim Princ & Prac for Public Adjs (Seg. B)
.AIC30Claims Handling Princ & Prac (Full Exam)
.AIC30AClaims Handling Princ & Prac (Seg. A)
.AIC30BClaims Handling Princ & Prac (Seg. B)
.AIC30CClaims Handling Princ & Prac (Seg. C)
.AIC47Claims Leadership & Organiz Align
.CPCU552Comercial Liability, Risk Mgmt & Ins
.ACSR9Comm Lines Related Coverages
.AFSB153Comm Surety & Crime Insurance
.ACSR8Commercial Auto Insurance
.AINS23Commercial Insurance (Full Exam)
.AINS23ACommercial Insurance (Seg. A)
.AINS23BCommercial Insurance (Seg. B)
.AINS23CCommercial Insurance (Seg. C)
.ACSR7Commercial Liability
.ACSR6Commercial Property
.CPCU551Commercial Property, Risk Mgmt & Ins
.AU60Commercial U/W Principles
.AFSB152Contract Surety
.AIS25Delivering Insurance Services
.ACSR12Disability & Health Ins
.ERM57Enterprise Risk Management
.ERM57AEnterprise Risk Management (Seg. A)
.ERM57BEnterprise Risk Management (Seg. B)
.ERM57CEnterprise Risk Management (Seg. C)
.AIT131Essentials of Info. Technology
.SM18Essentials of Supervision
.CPCU540Financial & Accounting for Ins. Prof.
.CPCU556Financial Planning
.AAI81Foundations of Ins. Prod. (Full Exam)
.AAI81AFoundations of Ins. Prod. (Seg A)
.AAI81BFoundations of Ins. Prod. (Seg B)
.AAI81CFoundations of Ins. Prod. (Seg C)
.CPCU500Foundations of Risk Mgmt. & Ins.
.AINS24General Ins. for IT (Full Exam)
.AINS24AGeneral Ins. for IT (Seg. A)
.AINS24BGeneral Ins. for IT (Seg. B)
.AINS24CGeneral Ins. for IT (Seg. C)
.AIM44Human Resource Management
.AMIM122Inland Marine Insurance
.CPCU520Insurance Operations
.IR201Insurance Regulation
.AIAF114Insurer Accounting Mgmt
.AIAF115Insurer Risk & Capital Mgmt
.INTRO320Intro. to Prop. & Casualty Ins
.CLAIM330Introduction to Claims
.RM350Introduction to Risk Mgmt
.UNDWR360Introduction to Underwriting
.AIC32Liability Claim Prac (Full Exam)
.AIC32ALiability Claim Prac (Seg. A)
.AIC32BLiability Claim Prac (Seg. B)
.AIC32CLiability Claim Prac (Seg. C)
.AIC42Liability Coverages (Full Exam)
.ACSR10Life Insurance
.AIC37Managing Bodily Injury Claims (Full Exam)
.AIC37AManaging Bodily Injury Claims (Seg. A)
.AIC37BManaging Bodily Injury Claims (Seg. B)
.CYBER301Managing Cyber Risk
.AAI82AMultiple-Lines Ins Prod (Seg. A)
.AAI82BMultiple-Lines Ins Prod (Seg. B)
.AAI82CMultiple-Lines Ins Prod (Seg. C)
.AAI82Multiple-Lines Ins Prod. (Full Exam)
.ANFI205National Flood Ins.: Fundamentals
.AMIM121Ocean Marine Insurance
.API29BPers Ins: Portfolio Mgmt & Issues (Seg. B)
.API29Pers Ins: Portfolio Mgmt & Issues (Full Exam)
.API29APers Ins: Portfolio Mgmt & Issues (Seg. A)
.API28Pers Ins: U/W & Marketing Prac (Full Exam)
.API28APers Ins: U/W & Marketing Prac (Seg. A)
.API28BPers Ins: U/W & Marketing Prac (Seg. B)
.AIC40Personal & Commercial Auto Coverages
.ACSR2Personal Auto Insurance
.AINS22Personal Insurance (FullExam)
.AINS22APersonal Insurance (Seg. A)
.AINS22BPersonal Insurance (Seg. B)
.AINS22CPersonal Insurance (Seg. C)
.ACSR3Personal Lines Related Coverages
.CPCU555Personal RM & Property-Casualty Ins
.APA92Premium Auditing Applications
.ARE143Primary Ins Coverages
.APA91Principles of Premium Auditing
.AFSB151Principles of Suretyship
.ACSR5Prof Dev & Acc Mgmt
.AIC43Prop & Liab Coverages (Full Exam)
.AIC43AProp & Liab Coverages (Seg. A)
.AIC43BProp & Liab Coverages (Seg. B)
.AINS21Property & Liability Ins (Full Exam)
.AINS21AProperty & Liability Ins (Seg. A)
.AINS21BProperty & Liability Ins (Seg. B)
.AINS21CProperty & Liability Ins (Seg. C)
.AIC31AProperty Claim Prac (Seg. A)
.AIC31Property Claim Prac (Full Exam)
.AIC31BProperty Claim Prac (Seg. B)
.AIC31CProperty Claim Prac (Seg. C)
.AIC41Property Coverage (Full Exam)
.AIC41AProperty Coverages (Seg. A)
.AIC41BProperty Coverages (Seg. B)
.ARE144Reinsurance Principles & Practice
.ACSR11Retirement Planning
.AIDA182Risk & Ins. Analysis Techniques
.ARM55Risk Assest & Treatment (Full Exam)
.ARM55ARisk Assest & Treatment (Seg. A)
.ARM55BRisk Assest & Treatment (Seg. B)
.ARM55CRisk Assest & Treatment (Seg. C)
.ARM56Risk Financing (Full Exam)
.ARM56ARisk Financing (Seg. A)
.ARM56BRisk Financing (Seg. B)
.ARM56CRisk Financing (Seg. C)
.ARM54Risk Mgmt Princ & Prac (Full Exam)
.ARM54ARisk Mgmt Princ & Prac (Seg. A)
.ARM54BRisk Mgmt Princ & Prac (Seg. B)
.ARM54CRisk Mgmt Princ & Prac (Seg. C)
.RMPE352Risk Mgmt for Public Entities
.AIT134Strategic Mgmt. of Information
.AU67Strategic U/W Techinques
.SM19Supervisory Skills
.ASLI163Surplus Lines Ins. Oper.
.ASLI164Surplus Lines Ins. Prod
.CPCU553Survey Personal Ins & Financial Planning
.CPCU557Survey of Commercial Ins.
.AU62U/W Commercial Liability
.AU61U/W Commercial Property
.AIC44Workers Comp Claim Practices (Full Exam)
.AIC44AWorkers Comp Claim Practices (Seg. A)
.AIC44BWorkers Comp Claim Practices (Seg. B)
.AIC44CWorkers Comp Claim Practices (Seg. C)